Vases are a Grear Way to Style your home. You don't have to put anytbing in them. Clear Vases are perfect to reflect light into a room. 

Checkout out Tall, Slim Diamond Textured Vases.....and when you purchase one.  Be sure to tick ✅ the box at the checkout and get a free rose

3 for 2

Glass Starfish Dishes. 16cm. Available in 3 for 2!

Now Available as A 3 for 2 Offer. Available in 3 colours  16cm.Midnight BlueSea Blue Pearl WhiteThey can be be used in the Kitchen and Bathroom. Or can be used as Ornaments in the lounge. They make the perfect trinket dishes. Which is your favourite?  How will you style yours? Please note we can not always provide your 1st Choice in Colour but, we will always try our best for  you! These are gorgeous!  They also look lovely on the underside too!  10% Discount with Code: Sea Breeze at the checkout. Part of  Our Kitchen and Dinning Collection. 


White Seashell Garland 30cm By Decoris.

Natural Seashells collected from Beaches and made into thiese beautiful garlands. By Decoris. They would look beautiful in a Bathroom or Kitchen.   Styled on a Tray with some of our gorgeous candles.  They also look great on a book Shelf in Bring some Claming Beach Vibes into your home.  Once you have them, you will love them.  10% Discount at the checkout with Code:  Sea Breeze at the checkout

Turquoise Diamond Cut Vase

Tall Slim Diamond Cut Textured Vase. 32cm.

 Tall, Slim Diamond Textured Vase. 32cm.  Made from Recycled Glass. Diamond Cut Textured Vases. Perfect for a Tropical or  Coastal themed Home  Style with your favourite plants/Bouquets.  Or style on there own as A statement piece. They really catch the sunlight and reflect it back into the Room. Available in 4 colours Fuchsia, Green, Turquoise, Sea Blue   Use Code:Sea Breeze at the checkout for 10% Discount.  All through May! Part of our' Vases and Ornaments Collections. 


Seahorse Statue 12.5 cm wooden.

These cute little Seahorses will bring some calming 'Beach Vibes' into your Bathroom or Kitchen. Style in A Vase/Jar or add to your plants. Available in either White or Natural. Get 10%Discount at the checkout with Code 1stime. Part of our Vases and Ornaments Collection. 


Coastal Houses Trinket Dish. 19 x 13 cm

Coastal Ceramic Houses Trinket Dish19 x  13cm.Take a walk down a Seaside Lame with us... This Charming Rustic Trinket Dish instantly reminds you of your holidays. They make A lovely New Home/Emergating  Gift.  Perfect as a Jewellery Dish or for your key and loose change in an entry Hall. Measurements :   19cm x 13 x 3cm.Part of our Vases and Ornaments Collection. 


Waves Aqua Ceramic Bud Vase. Medium 13cm

New for 2024!A gorgeous Ceramic  bud Vase with an abstract print that looks like waves in the sea... Adding a gentle touch of Coastal Vibes to your space. Style on a shelf as decor. Or add your favourite flowers style on a tray with one of our Candles. Also available in large 16 cm To really make a statement! These would make a lovely 'Mothers Day Gift' filled with a spray of our gorgeous 'Blue Sweetpea Sprays.  Use Code :  Sea Breeze at the checkout for 10% Discount all through May! Part of our Vases and Ornaments Collection. 


Buddha Zen Garden. Set

These are so on trend   These are so nice to relax too. Play some calming music, light a candle Read a book. Or drink some water and do some breathing and meditation. They look lovely in your favourite cotner or maybe an office.Add some of our Essentials Oils to the Sand. Set comprises of:A marble Tray. Some White Sand, A rake, A candle, A plant.  A Buddha A Copper Sheild complete with stand. They make a lovely 'Wellness Gift' for a work Colleague/Teacher. Part of our Gift Ideas and Occasions Collection. 


Buddha Zen Garden. Set

These are so on trend   These are so nice to relax too. Play some calming music, light a candle Read a book. Or drink some water and do some breathing...
Beach House Wooden Desk Calendar.

Beach Hut Style 'Wooden Desk Calendar'. 16cm

Wooden Desk Calendar 16cmSo adorable! It has A beach hut style with a 'Pebble Family'. Beautiful quality. You will use this year after year! Perfect for your office, kitchen, hallway table. It will also make a beautiful gift for a Student, new home gift. 10% Discount at the checkout with Code 1stime. Part of our 'Vases and Ornaments Collection. 

Beach Please Street Sign

Beach Please. Street Sign 45cm New

BEACH PlEASE.  Street Sign.  45cm.Just Arrived! In a pastel 'Sea Green with Bright White Trim. Free standing or can be fixed to a wall. Get away from this Cold, January Wheather  and think about Summer with this gorgeous Sign. Will look perfect in A bathroom, kitchen or Hallway.   It will also look gorgeous out in your garden in the springtimeGet 10% Discount at the checkout with Code 1stime. Part of our 'Vases and Ornament Collection.