Antique Rose Peony X5 Bouquet 28cm

Antique Rose Peony X5 Bouquet 28cm

5 Single Peonies in a Bouquet.   

From Olore. 

Antique Rose 28cm. A beautiful deep pink. 

Style Tip! 

 Style the bouquet in a Round Glass Vase. 

Or split the Bouquet into 2..  Place 3 in a vase and 2 in another and style them on a tray together with one of Our Glass Candles or Diffusers. 

Perfect for a Entrance Hall, Bathroom Bedroom.

  A beautiful gift idea or treat yourself. 

Part of our Faux Flowers & Bouquets Collection. 


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Antique Rose Peony X5 Bouquet 28cm

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